“Ezra Glaser can move mountains. I wouldn’t be a Lawyer today if it wasn’t for the tenacious advocacy of one who knows the Courtroom is the great equalizer.”

–John O”Hara Esq.

“I told my story to several malpractice attorneys before I found Ezra Glaser. I almost died the day I gave birth to my first child after doctors performed a procedure to remove a stitch that was enclosing my cervix. I knew that the doctors had done wrong by me that day, and that their actions led to my inability to bear more children.

Mr. Glaser assembled a great trial team for depositions and eventually the trial. Mr. Glaser partnered with fellow trial counsel Jon Norinsberg and we took the case all the way to verdict, resulting in a $650,000.00 jury award.

Ezra has great instincts and a real knack for sensitively dealing with delicate issues. My husband and I were grateful that we were able to relate to our attorney on a very personal level. I thank Ezra and Jon for their optimism and perseverance on our behalf, and for their ability to go the distance on behalf of their clients. I would strongly recommend them for anyone thinking about starting a personal injury or medical malpractice case.”

-Odalys M.

“Ezra Glaser and Marion Conde are amazing at what they do and make an excellent team. They provide services for busy clients with advanced technology. They have the best staff who understand your needs and can work with your schedule. They handled multiple cases for me and I am a happy past and current client from out of state!!!”