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Posted: 12:00 AM, October 2, 2006

A 30-year-old Queens woman is suing her doctor, claiming routine surgery turned into a race to save her life – and ended any chance of her having another baby.

The woman, who is being identified only as Catalina, had a girl by Caesarean section followed by an emergency hysterectomy that doctors undertook to stop her bleeding.

“I can’t give her brothers or sisters. I feel like she’s missing something in life and that makes me sad,” said Catalina.

Catalina – who is suing for unspecified damages – blames Dr. Andre Saad and North Shore Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

When she got pregnant following a miscarriage, she says Saad recommended that her cervix be stitched shut to avoid another pregnancy being cut short.

Months later, when the stitches were being removed, Catalina said she could tell something was wrong. “The entire bed was soaked with blood,” she said.

She had a second surgery to stop the bleeding. After that was over, and she was still gushing blood, she demanded that her baby be removed by C-section.

But she claims the bleeding still wouldn’t stop, and so Saad removed her uterus in a hysterectomy.

Her lawyer, Ezra Glaser, said, “It’s clear to us [Dr. Saad] cut the uterine artery and caused the bleeding,” adding that Catalina came perilously close to dying after losing 10.5 liters of blood. “He seems to have a history of cutting people.”

Saad is on trial now in Nassau County for another surgical procedure that allegedly went awry.

Officials at North Shore LIJ said they could not comment on either lawsuit. Messages to Saad were not returned by press time.